Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Snow before Thanksgiving!

About two inches of snow fell this weekend. I'm not a huge fan of winter. I'm really not a huge fan of snow. But...I'm trying to remain positive about the impending winter {Impending? Seriously, winter is here. It's 15 degrees right now with a "real feel" of NEGATIVE 2. Stay positive. Stay positive.}.

I don't do well in winter. The cold. The darkness. The snow. I'm popping some vitamin D as we speak.

To make the most of this weather, I'm bundled up inside our cozy house with about six layers of clothes {did I really grow up here? It's times like these that I'm positive I'm not a native Wisconsinite!}. Since I can barely move because of the layers, and I'm most definitely not venturing outside, I am focusing on something fun inside.I drew a set of 37 Winter Wonderland Snowflake clip art for personal and commercial use! Check it out HERE! I had so much fun with my new touchscreen notebook. As a lefty, I've always struggled with illustrating using my mouse. The touchscreen has opened a whole new world for me! It's really exciting to design naturally. I'm amazed at how much more quickly my work goes!

Winter Wonderland Snowflakes

Off to warm up with a hot cup of tea.


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