Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Maker Space in Your Classroom | Promote STEAM or STEM in your Classroom or at home!

Here at Brain Brigade, we really believe in bringing hands-on, challenging and novel activities to all students. We just created a new download to help you create a Maker Space in your own classroom. These same concepts translate very well into a home school classroom too! Whether you have just a small corner big enough for a table or an entire dedicated classroom - you have the power to incorporate critical thinking, encourage creativity and curiosity, and even help students master the engineering design process through risk taking and failure. Your students will be asking "What If?" and you'll be helping them learn to problem solve, develop persistence, all while having fun in the classroom.

Wait! You ask, What IS a Maker Space? and Why should I implement a Maker Space in my classroom? Dig around on our site. Or download our free resource: A Maker Space in Every Classroom. We're so serious about promoting engineering, math, technology, science and art (STEM or STEAM) into the classroom that we're offering it up to you for FREE! It's easy to do and I think you will get just as much joy out of the space as your students do.

It's simple and inexpensive to do. Set aside an area in your classroom. Gather materials (a list is provided in the resource). Start challenging your students! Chances are, they'll start challenging you too.

Well, what are you waiting for?

***POST UPDATE: We've had such a phenomenal response to our free Maker Space guide that we have created a more in-depth resource for you. It discusses more of the nuts and bolts of Designing a Maker Space in your own classroom.***

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