Thursday, October 23, 2014

Makers Lab: A Doghouse for Lexi the Weimaraner

One of the first projects I noticed as I walked into the Makers Lab was a team of three boys, Cole, Connor and Mack. What stood out to me was their focus. Quite frankly, I remember middle school kids being flight at best. These kids got right down to business and worked for 45 minutes straight without goofing around, without whining, without acting out. I was impressed.

Connor, Cole and Mack are working on building a dog house for Connor’s weimaraner, Lexi. The dog house is designed to channel rain water from the roof into a water dish.

“We brainstormed and to solve a problem, we’re giving a dog water!” exclaimed Cole as he took a break from removing screws with a power drill. 

Their actual design wasn't matching up with their hand-drawn blueprints. They had to undo some work from their previous class. It’s all part of the learning process. It's all part of the hands-on learning in the Makers Lab. 

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