Monday, August 18, 2014

2015 Makers Lab

This year's Makers Lab has many lofty goals to add hands-on learning to the classroom. Our first activity will be a challenge to our middle schoolers to build a 2-person boat out of cardboard and duct tape. They will be allowed to place one layer of waterproofing on the exterior of the boat. We're calling our contest "The Dolphin Regatta" and our catch phrase this year will be You Gotta Regatta!.

Students hopefully gain an understanding of specific gravity and the volume needed in order for a boat to float.

Last year we had some great examples that were able to paddle through the whole course and we had some sinkers! Everyone had fun and we gave awards for the best dressed crew, the first place boat, the Titanic award {for the best sinking}, and the best decorated boat.

In early October, we'll take the boat out onto a local lake and have a race. This year we hope to have one or two entries from our teaching staff.

We were featured in the local newspaper last year for our cardboard boats.
We're looking forward to this year's Dolphin Regatta!

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