Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Wednesday on the Blog Hoppin' Link Up

I'm linking up with the Back to School 2014 Blog Hoppin' topics...and today we're talking Why Wednesday...Why our organization style works!

I have to laugh at this one. As I sit at my desk typing this post, I my house is cluttered. It's usually a little cluttered. But during the summer, it gets out of control. I watch my niece (10) and nephew (6) along with my son (3) anywhere from three to five days a week during the summer. We are usually on the go. Today we hit the beach with a friend and enjoyed one of the nicest days of the summer. But I leave a trail in my path.

I'm so embarrassed to show this. But this is my desk. Pretzels blocking my screen from my husband tossing them there yesterday. And a Cabela's ad {once again, not mine!}...this is my honest-to-goodness what my desk looks like on a regular basis. I might as well admit it!
It's funny, because I'm pretty sure I take after my dad on this one. My dad has always had his own "organizational system" that has forever driven my mom crazy. As they moved from their big country home to a smaller condo in town this summer, they had to eliminate everything from wheelbarrows and lawn mowers outside, to two sets of living room furniture and scores of other household items they have had for years! My dad has always been able to find what he needs as long as none of the rest of us touched it. Not easy to do with FIVE females floating around his house for so many years. Plus, most of my sisters and my mom are extremely organized and dislike clutter.

For the record, I dislike clutter too. I can't stand it. But I live in a small house and we're always in and out and my desk fits only in our prime living area, so I've learned to look past it...for now. I have more important things to worry about than whether my desk is perfectly organized. I can generally find what I need and that's enough for me! 

My dad organizes his classroom in a different way. Last year, I noticed a sign in his Maker Space that read: Clean up or DIE!!!!!!!! {A nod to Mythbusters.}

Truthfully, I was pretty impressed at how he kept the Maker Space organized because his classroom hasn't always been the shining example of Type A personality. But then again, he's not a Type A personality so why should he be forced to follow what works well for one personality but not as well for someone who is more of a creative? I think we'll let him off the hook on this one.

I'm off to read some others who linked up and pass them on to my dad. We could both use some help in this area!

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