Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Back to School Week! Day 1 - Who Am I?

We're hoppin' in on the Back to School Blog Hoppin' Link Up. We're excited to share with you a little more about who we are here at Brain Brigade! There are two of us working on Brain Brigade - Jerry and Jolene.

Meet Jerry! 
Jerry has been a grade and middle school teacher for almost 40 years. He retired last June...for three whole days! Then his school had a middle school science opening and he jumped at the chance to teach again this school year. 

Sue and Jerry with two grandkids.
Jerry is married to Sue and they have four amazing grown daughters, three almost as amazing sons-in-law, and five grandkids (and four granddogs, if we're counting!). 

Here's Daisy. She likes to drink from a straw. This is Jerry & Sue's dog.
Jerry and Sue have just downsized from the home where they raised their kids and various pets over the years (dogs, horses, goats). Jerry is an avid gardener but he is happy to say "adios" to see his huge yard that needed {almost constant} mowing throughout the summer. Jerry believes wholeheartedly in hands-on learning. He was named the 2003 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year. He loves teaching. The classroom walls don't stop him! Often you'll catch him teaching a math trick to friends at a party or even a waiter or waitress at a restaurant!

Recent grandkid photo with Great Grandma!

Meet Jolene! 
I'm the voice and look behind Brain Brigade. I'm one of Jerry's daughters (the third in line). I'm mainly a stay at home mom, but I love working with my Dad {Jerry}. He is so passionate about teaching. Education is important to our whole family and I think it's safe to say we never stop learning in our family! I have a son and a dog {check out our ridiculous selfie below!}. During the summers I spend time with the older niece and nephew and we often crash Grandpa's house which is now just under a mile from where we live!

Prior to mom-hood, I worked in marketing including graphic design and event planning. My dad and I work together to create our products for the classroom and Teachers Pay Teachers. My dad is the true genius behind Brain Brigade and with my son starting school next year, I've been beefing up my education knowledge hope to be an active and helpful part of his schooling.

It turns out, I also like taking selfies with my nieces and nephews...check them out below. Love these kids!

Odin, Jolene & Finn

Kayla and ZZ
Here's Linc! Yes, seriously I have a problem. 
My bud and fellow animal lover, Kenzie!

Our whole family a few years ago...our two youngest joined our family not long after this photo. Maybe I'll have to photoshop them in haha :)

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