Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Fun!

Oh, sweet Friday afternoon. I'm sitting down to post this blog and drink some tea. I almost spit out my tea when I read the maybe I laughed harder than a normal person might have, but when the school year begins, we look forward to Fridays even more than the summer! My niece and nephew have gone back to school so it's just me and The Boy (the three year old boy). The days are a little longer.

This week, we started some mini lessons in the morning. Finn and I are beginning to study some sight words. Anyone have any suggestions for teaching a rambunctious three year old?! He is excited to learn, but as a non-educator myself, I am stumbling along with the actual "teaching" portion. We end up doing some reading and follow up with some sort of craft project (because that's what I'm good at and Finn likes to do!).

Jerry has had a busy first week back to school! He took his eighth graders on a field trip to learn about glacial deposits. I'll be posting some photos in the coming days. His kids were really excited to have a field trip during the very first week of school!

In the mean time, for some more Friday Fun, check out this incredible infographic demonstrating the distance from Earth to Mars. It really puts space in perspective! I think I'll use it in "Finn School" next week.

Enjoy your weekend!


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